Programming examples


  • gSort1400 (excerpts). My Mailsort1400 RISC OS Application.
  • Knight's tour. My solution to the classic chess recursion problem.


  • Mandelbrot (download zip). Open the zip file, open the Mandelbrot folder, then double click the Mandelbrot jar file to run the program. Move the selection box with the mouse, press and hold the mouse button and drag the pointer to scale the selection rectangle (you can even zoom out). It's optimized for Mac OSX but should run on Windows and Linux, although the graphics may glitch and the start image will be black (press and hold the mouse button in the centre of the window and drag the box to the window's edge to see the graphics).

ARM Assembly Language

  • Mandelbrot. Featuring my floating point routines.
  • gravity. Published in Acorn User Magazine.

PIC16 Assembly Language

  • Pill reminder. An alarm that goes off three times a day, playing a 'tune' of my composistion.
  • The 'other' project. If you can't tell what it does, ask me to show you it in person.
  • Erratic clock. The second hand ticks erratically but the hour and minute hands keep good time. Quite fun as a novelty item but no good for timing eggs :-)

HTML / JavaScript / PHP

  • The old Netherne Print website featuring image maps, code altering graphics in a different frame and a form requesting a print quotation. All of the HTML, JavaScript and PHP was written by me by hand using a text editor. It all works properly on this server - do you need any printing done? Click here.

BBC Basic